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Series 3: Desperate Cry for Help

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Desperate Cry for Help 040

It's not like crystal meth is REALLY all that bad for you man. I mean sure it does make your tongue swell up a bit and you speak like a slurring asshole, but HEY it feels really good. Like sneaking into the backroom of the 7-11 with a Hustler magazine and jerking off into the coffee when you are working nightshift and you're evil manager, Sibah, waltzes in at four-thirty in the morning and starts screaming at you because some bastard punks have broken the ICEE machine... again.

And as he sips the black instant coffee with the non-dairy creamer of your choice, you feel a subtle victory and a well deserved revenge.

I guess you might think that's fucked up and anti-social. But it's not as bad as shooting up heroin in a public toilet in San Francisco and then crawling up into a self-hugging ball, feeling the bliss and wonder of the world, like you've eaten a 5 course meal and came your brains out simultaneously... that can lead to some fucked up shit.

BUT still that's not as bad as cocaine, which can make you a total prick and yet the next thing you know you're walking the streets whoring yourself out for crank.

Of course you could go the other route and take so much LSD that you hear light and become scared of your own shoes.

Or why not just go to a club, drop some E, and just starting loving the fuck out of reality?

Then follow it up with some ganja to get all giggly and then sorta tired.

Either way, you just feel really thirsty.


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