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Series 3: Desperate Cry for Help

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Desperate Cry for Help 001

So you think you know about the metaphysical wonders of life?

Think you can restore vitality by drinking the effervescent goodness of toad semen?

Well you would.

You sick fuck.

But some of us are wiser.

Some of us know that the only way to heal is through pain, and misery, and jazz.

Hear the jazz music. Let it take over you. Join the festival.

I for one know the true meaning of life. I read it once... in a fortune cookie.

And then I ate it.

And now I am all alone. No one to hold, to squeeze, to fuck the living shit out of in the back of a slow moving van, piloted by trained UPS drivers who want to break into the mobile pornographic film business.

So, don't judge me.

Don't think you know my story.

I am no one, and you are nothing.

We are all lost, children... in the sounds of Jazz.


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