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Series 3: Desperate Cry for Help

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Desperate Cry for Help 039

Let's say there were three paths in the woods.

Being a lazy bastard you choose the path that looks the easiest. It's even terrain, no obstacles, looks like a smooth ride.

Turns out it's the path to becoming a drug addicted, alcoholic loser who Is facing stiff fines for stealing cable and accidentally exposing themselves to a minor - but everyone you know is so revolted by the idea you are unable to relay the exact circumstances leading to the accident and so you are left cold and alone as people assume without evidence that you are some psycho child molester with bad hair.

And, to be blunt, yes, your hair is shit.

So eventually, during one of those dark and gloomy nights that fill your empty time on prison ship Earth, you think back and begin to wonder.

"Where did those other two paths go? What journeys do they lead to?"

But it's completely pointless, you missed those paths, they are in the past, you just can't get back there.

Life is too damned linear for radical second chances.

All the forks on your road just lead to strange, mildly disturbing, personal hells of pain and misery...

Enjoy your walk.

Don't forget to pack some sandwiches.


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