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Series 3: Desperate Cry for Help

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Desperate Cry for Help 048

I'm just going to kick and drink and eat crap and live the hard-core life. It's the only way and I have realized that freedom must be the freedom to smile and cough and go nuts.

I think there is every possibility that one day you will find me wandering around Mars, completely drunk and enjoying the low gravity of my surroundings.

I can't be here for you for awhile. They probably won't let me slow down enough to visit you and give you flowers and give you chocolates.

But really, I never did that. I just waltzed into your house, drank all your booze and ate all your beer nuts.

But those glory days have to be put on hold for just awhile.

Tonight though I will enjoy the night air, taste reality fantastic, and remember why I was so overjoyed at the prospect of all this world of complex ideas and emotions.

Anyway, the world makes no sense anymore.

My old pal Andrew just got a job. That is too damn weird.
This is a new reality.

Which I will call "Freaky Ass"



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