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Welcome to Vague Insanity. On this site, you will find a collection of free-writing by Charles Daniels. They were originally sent through e-mail to me and a few of our friends as far back as 10 years ago, and they still are today.

Most of the more recent entries are stories told by an un-named character. He talks about strange events in his life and you can slowly observe his increasing insanity. They're all quite humorous and some are even poetic.

There are actually 6 series to date. Only 4 of them are currently featured on this site. The first Series was called "Drugs" and will be added as soon as I get some extra time to make proper pages with them. The other unfeatured series is a lost series called "reincarnation." If I ever find the all the files for the Reincarnation series, I'll put those up here, too.

All of the characters are fictional - especially Bastardtron, the cat.


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