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Series 3: Desperate Cry for Help

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Desperate Cry for Help 005

Addiction isn't so bad, if you are addicted to something fun, and cool, and enjoyable.

Like for instance, it would really suck to be addicted to paper cuts. You'd just have to sit there all day, with a sheet of paper, cutting the living hell out of yourself and listening to Goth music or something.

That would really suck.

But if I get mad highs from caffeine, and speed, and heroin, and oral sex then I think those are good addictions, laudable even. I mean, if you can have so much of that stuff that you can actually develop and support an addiction for it - your life must be going pretty well.

I don't think people understand that not being addicted to something doesn't make you healthy, or good, it just makes you fucking weird you damned puritan fuck!

Choose your death, choose your drug, and choose your destiny

And just get on with it.

There's no time left, can't save that shit

Just gotta grab it all right now.

I SAID "NOW!" Motherfucker!


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