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Series 3: Desperate Cry for Help

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Desperate Cry for Help 004

There are just too many people in the world

Running, playing, living, dying, eating mango ice cream and drinking cherry coca-cola, lying, making excuses, disappointing the fuck out of reality.

So many people, almost all of them clothed, unavailable, undesirable, insane, religious, fascist, or pleasantly crazy with a slice of lemon.

I want a new race. A crazy, carefree, possibly blue or violet, green, magenta, or all the colors of the rainbow, swirled together, so no two human beings would ever look the same, or even vaguely similar.

There might still be the fighting, the screaming, the blaming, the hating, and the rather unfortunate dance parties that just fizzle and die

But maybe I could include some more optimism, and joy, and orange juice into the whole equation.

Whoever started this whole breathing, breeding, being, business anyway?


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