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Series 3: Desperate Cry for Help

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Desperate Cry for Help 003

The hangovers

The techno

The endless greasy fish 'n chips, burger bars

The chavs, the slappers, the punks, and the rave monkeys

The acrid coffee

The stale muffins

The fantastic booze

So you think you know about England? Living in a daze, a haze, a fucking maze of confusion and alcohol to sooth the senses.

The clouds, the crowds, the rain and grim

So you fucking think you know about England?

The Yorkshire tea and Yorkshire pudding

Devon cream teas and mushy peas

And you're telling me you fucking know about England?

No one is pissed off, they're fucking polite

They smile, and pun, and have cheap ass umbrellas

The white vans, and trash cans, and even the mother-fucking Radio Times

Don't tell me about England!


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