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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 044

You're a space man, now that we launched you. Strapped you to a rocket, lit it up, and watched that fucker go!

You're a great man, flying through the stardust, faster than light can go.

You're the ultra-human superstar of the cosmos. People down on Earth scurry like ants and look to the sky to get a glimpse of you.

You're the shining beacon of science and engineering. An achievement of modern electronics and chemistry.

You're a trained, skilled, hard bit explorer of the netherworlds of the galaxy. You've got a space suit, a golf club, and a smile.

You're a missile man, shooting out to the centre of a black hole.
And of your craft you have no control.

Faster than time, and faster than sense

You're a glowing fire ball, an awesome explosion; you're totally blown to bits. We designed it, we built it, we blasted it off, and amazingly it was still shit.

You're a hero and a gentleman, and we're waiting for our new engines to be built somewhere in Peru.

Maybe next time, we'll play it safe and just send a monkey.

Thank you Space Man.


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