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Series 05: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 001

Life in four walls ain't too bad. Got some nice padding and some Crayola crayons. Think I'll just scratch and scrape instead.

Everything is boxy. Everything is nice.

A square within a square, a mind within my mind.

I just think that one day I will reflect on all this and laugh.
Yes, this must be terribly funny.

4 corners, 4 walls, But just one ceiling and one floor.
Something inside says I deserve more.

But here I go: 4 corners, 4 walls, 1 ceiling, 1 floor.

Just need to sit down with my legs Indian style, and think about this awhile.

Not long before my foot is totally asleep.

This is actually a little annoying.

4 corners, 4 walls, 1 ceiling, 1 floor.

Good thing I'm not claustrophobic yet.

I've got some Crayola crayons and a Thomas the Tank Engine coloring book.

This isn't so bad.

I've been through much worse.

Just one day in hell.

Just one ceiling, just one floor.

Something tells me that I deserve more.


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