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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 045

Uncle Wiggly don't come round here no more. After midnight, he don't come around my door.

Uncle Wiggly was a great man. But now he's dead.

He died of various stomach cancers and a bullet to the head.

Uncle Wiggly was a strong man, but his heart was made of glass.

I always used to like him, but he always was an ass.

Oh god lord, Uncle Wiggly he is no more. Uncle Wiggly used to pass out on my floor.

After midnight, he come in swearing and drunk as hell.

His eyes burning like fire, screaming 'till he fell.

What a drunken SOB, what a great dude, he never could be bested.

Even when I had to bail him out because he'd been arrested.

Uncle Wiggly, life just isn't the same since you've been cold.

Uncle Wiggly, thank god when they made you they broke the mold.

Remember me to heaven, if you somehow make the grade.

Remember me to hell, cause I think that's damned likely where you'll end up you lecherous, cheating, inconsiderate, asshole.


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