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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 037

Accidental cyber upgrade, time to do the whole motion, moving, changing, forming, becoming.

It's like a small parakeet screaming at the wind. There is horror and terror and really messed up stuff. I briefly question my own identity, but a quick glance at my driver's license clears all that up.

Then, a small miracle. An abrupt change. Chaos becomes form, form becomes chaos, and a tiny amount of random possibility folds upon itself and takes the shape of a vegan burrito.

You think somehow we'd have a short little equation for all this. A simple guiding rule that could explain the universe, and make predictions, a mathematical guiding light to humanity.

But there is only complexity, uncertainty, and the vague sense that you've lost your keys or misplaced your hat.

I also believe that no matter how many times you say it, squeezing your eyes shut, wishing it true - there will never come a magical talking duck into your life who will quack, explain love and happiness, and then thoughtlessly gun down your enemies in an endless orgy of violence and bloodshed.

And so, the ninja hordes sit outside the walled city, patiently waiting, and playing Scrabble.


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