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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 036

Neon flashing orgasmic lights of vacuous pleasure. It's sort of like a love poem, but it's not very sensible. It's just laughing, and smiling and being a dick to random people.

It's all hugging, and squeezing, and jumping, and dancing and laughing and being, and just feeling amazed at everything.

All my life I have been totally in my head. Intellectualizing every single experience, every sensory input. If I wasn't in control, managing every stimulus, and quoting Shakespeare or Einstein while doing it, it wasn't worth my time.

Always thinking, always analyzing, always feeling that I had to master my surroundings and concentrate and be intellectually superior to everyone around me.

And then, like a wonderful kick in the ass, there was chaos, and fun, and happiness. I dipped fully in the deep waters, covering my body and spirit in joy.

The fire burned inside me and everything became simple and obvious.

I also got a hand-job from an Indian chick.

Not bad.


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