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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 038

Up and down and all around, the atmosphere it changes. You can't believe the sight or sound, of what you taste and smell. The day-glo bricks that build your mind are all left broken, shattered, behind.

You try to feel the right way forward, but you're left at the beginning, confused, like a kitten or a turtle. Slowly crawling, walking, to a new tomorrow. But in electrons there's just sorrow and no way to extract a piece of sense from this machine at all.

There's ones and zeros, when we need gods and heroes, and all the villains are marching upon us all.

Somewhere in the distance you can hear a fabulous equation. The beginning and end to all your anxiety. But there's no way to calculate the answer, as all you have is a slide rule and an insufficient education.

There's just one hope. I've got to run away. Faster than the wind, faster than lightning, isn't it frightening, and beautiful to be free?

It's been so long since I lived so fast that I forgot my name, so dangerous, so energetic that I ceased to exist and became something else, someone else, doing things before I could think of them or even name them

I need to take apart these fantasies and leave them behind or fulfill them.

I will either dress in a blue wig, carry a big fuck off sword and kill demons, all while wearing a fabulous androgynous yet deeply sexual costume.... or I'll get drunk, cry for 3 hours, and then just get on with cleaning the house and going to sleep so I can get my life in order and maybe go to work if I'm not too hung over.

Did I mention I need to bust out of this place?

4 walls, 1 ceiling, 1 floor.

Something tells me I deserve more.


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