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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 035

The destructive throb of music and pornography. Why is there no stopping the great roulette wheel of life?

Why is there only strangeness and surrealness and bongo drums?

Last night, in my mind, I wandered the streets, alone, lost in a golf course, and then singing to myself

A night time of innocence, of happiness, of confusion

Some people call it freedom. All I know is that I've been barred from the pub, again.

It's not very easy to get barred from a drinking establishment, but it's not very hard either

somewhere, people who care about me are worried.

But it's too late to go home, and if I go to sleep now Iíll never wake up. So best to come to work really drunk with no sleep.

YES! That is the solution.

The only answer.

There is clarity.

So, tonight, I will work and take a half day, and be Belgian.

It's the only solution.


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