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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 034

Sneaking drinks in to keep my spirits up with spirits! Yippie! I've got that warm, lovely, drunk feeling all the time now, I am pure energy love and I want to smile and beam and love people 24/7/365.4!

I adore you my friend. You are the alpha and omega, you are the cheese 'n onion crisps of my soul.

I walk through the streets and believe myself to be an immortal happy person and somehow I reflect upon myself and see my individuality and realize that I must join the higher order of consciousness.

But they won't let me in because my karma kredit balance is well out of order and somewhere a small man in a furry hat has instructed the elder gods that I am to live this particular lifetime out in an awkward and difficult fashion.

And my shoes have kind of gone all smelly.

This is not the utopia I saw that picture of on the travel brochure I found in that alleyway next to the cheap foreign pornographic magazine.

This is just our earth.

Our small planet.

And I am one person.

And you are a person who only matters to me.

And together, we are two people that don't make one fucking bit of difference to the world.

Except that I love you

And you probably don't give a fuck about me.


I'll just shut up and drink some more.


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