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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 033

Somewhere in Leicestershire, a cat is singing the late-night blues of loneliness, and everyone is woken from their peaceful sleep by his screeches of deep annoyance in the rain.

Somewhere in Leicestershire, a man eats too much cheese and feels so much pain that he becomes incapable of sleep and stays up all night typing away on a computer and accidentally writes an insanely insightful editorial piece for the BBC.

And in Oxfordshire, three guys gather around a dark table and play Dungeons and Dragons, while next door to them various small Asian people dance to repetitive music in dark and cramped surroundings.

I've seen it all in my mind's eye and know that soon we will all find ourselves waiting for a bus in Hackney. A bus that will never arrive.

Do not question destiny.

Just accept your fate.

The cat knows the secret. The cat sings tonight.

Somewhere in Leicestershire. Near a kebab van.


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