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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 032

In some other world, in some other time, I have made decisions that have propelled my life to a good, positive, and desirable outcome.

I would sit, calmly, at a small, woodenly pub, with co-workers in very bad sweaters and perhaps a monocle.

We would drink sensibly and tell strange, surrealist jokes about classic Dutch painters.

It would all be civilized and refined and excellent.

Instead, I sit here and see that maybe that is just a dream. What could I have possibly done in my life to get out of my home town, out of my own neighborhood, and the cycle of friends spiraling toward poverty and insanity?

Maybe I just never had the potential that people claimed.

Somewhere, in the next universe to the left, another me wanders blind drunk down the narrow and winding alleys leading to The Mule and Donkey.

He knows the secret wonders of all things, and is smiling.

Somewhere, in the next universe to the left.


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