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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 031

So I'm kicking back and listening to the pleas of the King of the Ant People.


And I stare at the giant ant man, and think "Yeah, right. Whatever."

And then the Ant man does a wiggly dance and touches me with his feelers and then tries to clean me and feed me like a grub.

And I think - "Huh."

And then the magical giant ant tells me of his home, a distant and magical kingdom called Sugarland.

And in Sugarland there is joy and goodness.

Everyone works, everyone has a place, society functions and things are accomplished.

The King of the Ants isn't too damned impressed by my society. I try to get him to play Tetris against me on my Nintendo Gameboy Advance. But I don't think he ever really gets into it.

The Ant desires, needs to do something productive and positive with his time.

I suggest we listen to techno music and then watch a zombie flick.

The Ant doesn't seem interested.

Eventually we walk down the street and get these huge 44oz raspberry blue slurpies.

The Ant seems satisfied momentarily, and yet I know that he longs to construct, and build, and organize.

I go home and play Pac-Man until I pass out.


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