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Series 3: Desperate Cry for Help

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Desperate Cry for Help 044

So like I need to take care of a room full of puppies.

I don't know what weird ass, new wave, inner child, psychologist thought of this task, but I'm here in a mountain of puppies and this entire room smells vaguely of urine.

Don't get me wrong. I like puppies. Puppies are cute. Puppies are nice.

But Jesus Christ, these puppies are crawling all over me, pawing at me, licking me, whining loudly -- I've had girlfriends like this!! It's good for awhile, but eventually you just go nuts!


I'm not kidding. If they could have limited this to like... SEVEN puppies or something remotely sensible then FINE. I could have fun.

But no one was meant to be locked in a room crawling with, what MUST be 87 puppies.

Puppy therapy is giving me a nervous breakdown, and I've just been peed on



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