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Series 3: Desperate Cry for Help

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Desperate Cry for Help 035

Electric Monkey Mechanic, lots of spare parts and broken down dreams. Nuts and bolts and the smell of solder. Let the fumes release. I want to build a gigantic robot machine. It runs on dials and light bulbs and a chip salvaged from an old Atari computer.

Slap the diodes together, glue down the motherboard to the case, try not to bend the pins as you shove them in, and blow off all the dust. Once you've got a good heat sink, some pistons, and tightly fastened screws, it's time to turn the fucker on. Switch on the power and feel the blues.

Electric Monkey Mechanic, bringing metal to life. It can't hear or think, feel or speak, in fact its life is quite bleak, but it's still a fuck load better than me.

Electric Monkey Mechanic, his skills could change the world, but we won't let him, 'cause he's too clever, we'll ply him with laws and out dated morality.

The Monkey Mechanic can build them fast, build them strong - he aims for the sky, but sometimes hits Paris, and we thank him all the same.


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