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Series 3: Desperate Cry for Help

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Desperate Cry for Help 034

I think it's all a matter of time until we are all sitting around, laughing about all this.

Sure, I did insult your entire family in a very direct, racist, close minded, bigoted way AND I did make inappropriate remarks to your sister, and your mother, and your aunt, and their dog.

But this was all supposed to be a laugh. I didn't know that my strange, 70s, afro-funk, impersonation would go down so badly.

Perhaps if someone had mentioned the fire, the screaming, the pain and misery before all this - I might have thought twice about what I was doing.

Still, you can't blame me...

Okay, you can blame me, but you know what? FUCK YOU!

I'm just trying to put my life together and smile and have a good time, and if that means I occasionally have sex with some random person and then wake up in a pool of luke-warm vomit, then fair enough.

I can't see why you would possibly want to stop me.

Now, please... give me a ride home.


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