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Series 3: Desperate Cry for Help

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Desperate Cry for Help 025

I think that we were all meant to evolve into something powerful, cool, a force of nature, an achievement of natural selection and emergent properties, but then, something happened, like some really wacked out virus that says "I LOVE YOU!", some serious junk got into the source code.

Like God is up there with his bootlegged copy of Microsoft Divine, as no one actually pays for a version of Windows, and there's Satan, hacking away on OS/2 Warp, trying to figure out a way to make the universe pay.

And I'm here trying to run my entire life with only a simple understanding of Atari Basic.

And then some jerk comes up to me and says "Worship me. For my life is Redhat Linux and I shall show you the way."

And then ANOTHER jerk says "INFIDEL! Join me. Worship at my temples. For I abide by the true and ancient wisdom of Win 98 SE."

And then some freak in a robe, with a large jar of cherry Kool-aid, tells me that these are lies, and I must embrace Pogoshell, or burn forever in the pits of sheol."

And all I wanted to do was play Pac-Man, watch pornography, and then download a song by The Eagles.


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