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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 025

The universe is like an ocean of love and wonder; there are the endless waves of time, stopped only by the white sand beaches of space.

The stars shine, burning with fierce intensity, blue, red, orange, yellow - the spectrum of color in all it's marvellousness.

We are the Thinking Ones, set down amongst the mathematical chaos to wonder at the beauty of it all and unravel the cosmic destiny of existence itself.

We can graph reality, chart the skies, and explain the clockwork of galaxy formation and expansion with a single equation.

But the undiscovered territory is our own hearts and mind.
The truly unfathomable enigma of the universe.

We must work together to discover the external, but let us not forget the internal and the temporary.

For as long as human beings shall walk the shores and trespass into the inky void, there will always be the vastness, the depths of matter.

But long after we have passed, will the void miss us? Will it have known us as we have studied it?

We must reach beyond the stars, beyond the observable, and transcend into the higher order.

That sounds really difficult

And I bet it will be a bitch for humanity to get there

But what other choice do we have?

The future is calling

And we are the answer

Life, existence, love, passion, they are the only possible outcome
But the first stop is Santa Fe.


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