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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 024

I really hope the gods are watching. Because if they are just sitting back watching all this, they must be pretty relaxed.

If the gods truly were uptight, and judgmental, and full of wrath, they would have stopped all this shit long ago.

You sit amongst the phonies, and losers, and weirdoes and smile as you drink heavily overpriced bottles of pure natural fresh water from some place in industrialized Birmingham.

There seems to be a longing for peace, I wave my arms in front of myself and laugh.

I am the swami.

I am the great learner, the one who must have all knowledge poured into my empty head. And there I smile and grin and look at my cell phone as it lights up the universe.

Light is so very pretty. The world is a divine and happy place now.

There is no time but what we insist upon. We organize the universe in such an artificial and silly way.

We must be free, we float through our lives with anxieties, but soon we must all find a way to drift and smile and live the moment loving one another.

Plur baby.

Plur your goddamn ass off.


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