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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 023

Billions of souls wandering through the night, their bodies gyrating, bumping, moving like blissful zombies unaware of each other

The wonka-crunch-wonka-thud-bleep pounds out of the vastly overloud speaker sound system

The chaos joins into one mindless collective, completely unaware of itself.

Is this brain damage? Is this freedom? Why does it feel so free only when you are free from yourself?

Your personality weighs you down. The intellectualism you have clinged to for your identity limits what you are capable of becoming

Embracing the void makes you feel so infinite, an infinity of vacuum, and in the vacuum there is the rushing of joy and delight

You grab the other vacuous living form next to you, and together you laugh and touch, there is no pressure, no desire, just the wonder and humour that anyone should ever be trapped in such a small vessel

The human body becomes an oddity and then a non-issue, an abstract concept which flutters away as lithely as a butterfly.


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