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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 011

The bunnies keep on hopping, and there's just no stopping, the bunnies keep on breeding, and my god they are succeeding!

The bunnies are watching us, waiting for us. They will devour us like cabbage.

The bunnies are lurking the in shadows, wearing eye patches, cleaning and stripping their AK-47s.

People say that we can trust the bunnies.

But I don't have time for bunny sympathizers.

Are you going to believe that blatant propaganda?

I thought you could see through the lies.

The insanity.

A thousand years of genocide. A million years of homicide.
Can't you see we died, for the glory of a lot of guys?

Are you so blind that you can not see through your drunken eyes the true shape of the ninja bunny army?

Trust me man.

They are out there.

And it's down to me and Bastardtron to fight the bunny armies.

To go down singing the national anthem of our proud land.

We are the survivors.


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