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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 010

Yes, the after work drink, a fine tradition. Welcoming new people to the team in a friendly, jovial, happy manner. Never mind that you'd rather welcome them to the team by dragging them back to your place and playing some twisted sexual tag team kink

No, no, never mind that, must keep friendly, and nice.

But oddly, we end up back at the mousy hair girl's apartment, all alone, just the two of us, and the entire shift. Yes, just all, fourteen of us, alone, together, drinking wine and listening to Radiohead.

This is almost like a date. I've learned that she enjoys Australian white wines and listens to Radiohead religiously, and she's discovered a whole host of interesting lies I've shared about myself.

If I lie enough, this could turn into a beautiful relationship.

Mustn't get drunk and start crying. No, no, crying never makes a good first impression.

No one cares about how betrayed you feel by your rotten childhood, how much you want to see the bastards burn.

But, hey, who knows, maybe if I act just a LITTLE broken up, without any actual tears or anything, maybe she will hug me.


Pity hugs.

Human contact at last.

Wine, cheese, and pity affection.

This situation is going places.


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