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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 012

So here I am standing alone in the coffee room, praying that mousy hair girl will walk in and ask me to make her a coffee.

I know that it's sad, and I've been here for 38 minutes, and maybe she's not even coming into work today.

Knowing my luck, she's decided that after being trained by me, she'd rather slit her wrists in a warm bathtub than ever show up to work again.

Just like what happened with Rodriguez.

Why did I never listen to Rodriguez?!?

No, instead I went home and drank 1 pint of orange juice, I ate some fantaso-berry yogurt, watched Star Trek, and then some cheap, budget, soft core porn that looked like it was filmed somewhere in eastern Europe.

Yes, all I do all day is eat yogurt and watch science fiction and then maybe some porno, if I'm in the mood, which I tend to be.

Man I'm a frustrated deranged bastard

Still, I have to look on the bright side

At least I'm not attracted to Rodriguez.

Mostly because they are dead.

But, yes. No dead people.

Don't need that in my life.

Life is for the living. And death is for the dead.

Man I'm morbid.

I think I should drink another cup of coffee and then go and take a nice, long, leisurely piss.

Yes, this day is going to go by so damned slowly that I'd rather just end it all by slicing my wrists in a warm bath...

Hmmm... I wonder if that's what everyone here thinks.

Yes, this place is one big suicidal group hug.


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