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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 042

Flowers fall from the sky slowly like rain. The sweet aroma fills the air and the sprites and spirits dance along the psychedelic mushrooms.

The faeries of the deep past come to the lavender water for a calm drink and the frogs croak out their happiness.

The forest is alive, the birds swoop and sing, and the elves and dryads emerge from their trees.

The minotaur and the cyclops lay down their axe and club and start to jive wildly, laughing and drinking a strong black ale.

The dragons of the deep mountains arc their fires through the sky and a human named Reggie rides into the scene triumphant on the back of a griffin.

The world is the blue jewel, hidden away in a giant oyster shell, beneath the waves of the calm, warm, turquoise sea.

The druids and the dwarves chant their magicks, and somewhere beyond the veil, I drink lots of coffee and smile.


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