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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 029

Captain Wiggly, you've built a fine machine. It bleeps, it shines, it tells the time, and consults the oracles to show the shape of things to come.

Captain Wiggly, you are a scholar and a gentleman. Your name will go down in history and statues will be built to honor you.

But wait, Captain Wiggly, your fantastic and all so fantabulous gleaming number crunching machine of beauty and delight seems to have a minor fault. It doesn't match the spec at all and indeed three random people have died somewhere in Peru.

Captain Wiggly, I'm terribly concerned that you've conned us all with your lies, the machine is bursting into flames and now a dog has caught on fire.

Captain Wiggly, your name is now a disgrace, and in this world you have no place. We never liked you anyway, so take your wretched machine far away.

Captain Wiggly? No I'm quite sure we've never heard the name before. He's nothing to do with us; we're quite sophisticated types and not ones to believe in hype. You must be thinking of something or someone else somewhere that is not here at all.

Captain Wiggly? I assure you the man does not exist.


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