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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 028

Things are out of phase. The monkeys are marching upon the world and somewhere else the soup is getting cold.

The world is out of phase. A small boy cries out for a toffee apple but instead gets a t-bone steak and a driving license.

The galaxy is out of phase. In a small research room in Helsinki a research physicist activates a neutron collider and, instead of creating a miniature black hole, he accidentally discovers the secret recipe for Coca-Cola.

The universe is out of phase. I asked for a tuna sandwich on wheat and I got a tuna sandwich on white.

The multiverse is out of phase, in a nearby dimension, I sit alone in a canteen crying with a tuna on wheat sandwich I never ordered.

Time is out of phase, a week last Tuesday I smile at the sun and then realize that existence is an illusion.

Space is out of phase, I definitely didn't park my car in that loading zone. This is all completely bogus and now i have to pay some ticket I don't deserve.

Phase is out of phase. Nothing is right. I smile. Everyone is crazy just like me.


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