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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 008

things are speeding up, life is not a dream
can't believe reality is all that it should seem
if only I could tell you how to travel in my mind,
you would see my beauty, you would seek and find,
the answers to my madness, the keys to my lost soul,
you would understand, how i got fucked up and lost control,
instead i tell you these things in words, clunky as brick,
i jabber and whine, and you think I'm just a prick,
but deep down we are all so lonely, and the monster is loose,
everyone looks down on me, part human part penguin part moose,
I'm just this screwed up California kid, my parents were always drunk,
i'm left alone in an empty house, so stupid i'm in a happy funk,
daddy cheats on mommy while mommy is far away,
mommy cheats on daddy on every single day,
I don't care at all, i just never got the passion and the flame,
my parents hate each other, but they've got themselves to blame,
and now I'm all beyond that shit, and sitting in my flat,
i've got my own relationship, and what to make of that?


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