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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 006

So I'm thinking a lot about mortality and life and death and death before life and that sort of deep woo-woo shit.

And suddenly I realize that I have the keys to the car, but I left them behind in the house this morning, next to the coffee maker, near the little silver tray with the milk and digestive biscuits.

Life is one harsh bitch sometimes you know?

So I'm stuck out here in the cold. Unable to get into my 1993 Toyota Corolla, and wondering if my life would have been all that much better if only I had purchased that damned '97 Honda Accord when I had the chance.

But, hey, I have to be honest with myself.

That Honda Accord is gone, baby. It was bought by some young lady who worked in the next office over after I passed on it. Those Honda Accords don't just sit on the office pinboard forever.

What the hell was I thinking?

Now, I am alone, stranded on the side of the road, left to die of exposure and starvation.

And out there, somewhere in the darkness, an office slut named Stephanie is enjoying a mauve Honda with unbelievable gas economy.


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