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Series 3: Desperate Cry for Help

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Desperate Cry for Help 020

Singing, screaming, climbing, jumping, driving, sleeping, I want to do them all at once and then all over again.

Life is usually pretty boring and it should be packed out with a lot more verbs and several more delicious adjectives.

Instead I just get incomplete sentences and paragraphs that just wander on without a controlling point or central idea.

Life is sort of like a giant TV with all sorts of different, random programs on an infinite number of channels, and you don't have a remote control and you can't directly change the program or change the nature of the program... you just do your best to get through the latest drama alive and hope that when the comedy comes the joke isn't on you.

So, that is why I am totally insane.

My whole life is like a very broken TV, and deep down I wish it was more like a bitchin' video game with surround sound, multiple save slots and a definite sense of progression.


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