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Series 3: Desperate Cry for Help

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Desperate Cry for Help 009

I kind of hate people, not for any real reason. And I can't justify my blind dislike for all the bipedal assholes I seem to be surrounded by.

But WHY should I be forced to justify anything? I don't ask others to justify their ill-informed, stupid, ill-conceived, worthless opinions - And why? Because I probably know that they couldn't anyway.

Why do I bother with other biological entities?

I guess, I have to swallow my pride, and admit that it's just the sex.

Sure, witty conversation, on those rare days when I can find it in the wild, seems to be an argument for the continued existence of other beings.

Still, the only REAL reason I tolerate a vast majority of the human race is that some of them I find physically attractive and would enjoy fucking.

Now, to be honest, I don't actually NEED other foreign biological entities to get me off - but sometimes they are a fun alternative to molded plastic and lotion that smells a bit funny.

But realistically, biological organisms are a lot more expensive, too. You have to invest time in them, laugh at their jokes, and take them out to dinner.

It's a lot more hassle than buying four AA batteries from some really grimy guy in a Prodigy t-shirt.

And still, I let this whole nonsense of other people enter my life.

So yeah, there's an ill-conceived action of mine.

I'm not perfect.



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