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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 027

Well don't you know you've just missed the golden age?
You blinked and arrived too late and totally missed the train.

Now we are going to sit around in a circle of misery and repeatedly insist that the universe just sucks these days.

Don't bother us with you're cheery optimism.

We were there. We saw the glory days of yore, and trust me buddy, you weren't there.

You roll into this scene thinking its all gold? All we have is tarnished memories and broken dreams around here.

Don't try to tell us that we can recapture the glory by just embracing the moment.

The moment passed years ago.

And now we must compare the total suckiness of today, with the ideals of yesterday.

Everything new and exciting is now so passé.

Everything edgy and fun is just too cliché.

Don't come along to us with that smile on your face.

Join the misery.

Feel the isolation.

And buy us some beer damn it.


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