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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 007

Banana chips. Yes, I am one lucid motherfucker. I am totally able to make point A and then follow that up with Point B.

Gone are the days when I started with Point Q, moved on to Point L, and then did a sudden turn around and made Point Green, which totally contradicted the excellent comments I had made thus far in regards to Q and L.

Nope, I am able to follow a linear path of pure progression, and even win a debate.

I hate prostitutes.

Now, if you were wondering about me, and how I've been, I've been well. Very well.

I've been so terribly well that I just wake up every morning, pet my cat for 13 and a half minutes, then jump into my used Toyota, and drive to work.

I have an automatic gearbox in my Toyota. And I need an automatic gear box for my life.

I just need to live in cruise control. Need to coast along and be a good person.

You still love me. You always loved me. You wouldn't stop loving me just out of the blue would you?

Of course not.

We share a special bond.

A lover's bond.

Not a SEXUAL lover's bond.

But we are lovers all the same.

Damn it, you fucking love me, admit it.

You want to be my bitch.


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