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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 006

So here I am, just trying to get by with my life. Minding my own damn business as usual, trying to do some shopping. Nothing special. I just needed to buy some ketchup and taco seasoning, then off to the next shop to pick up a random techno trance party mix CD, and then off to the sex shop to pick up a cheap bargain bin DVD featuring Goth Asians pleasuring themselves and each other.

Just the essentials that one should need to get through the week, on the long, horrible march towards the weekend.

When, what of all things happens? That girl with the mousy hair comes in and starts looking at vibrators.

This isn't how I needed things to play out. I mean, imagine my horrible state of mind. Here I am, trying to be a decent gentleman and just masturbate in the comfort of my own home, when I discover that this girl I had previously been stalking is actually a randy girl who probably just wants a bit of company and love action.

How am I supposed to deal with that little piece of information, and still get on with my life?

Should I BUY the vibrator for her? Is that forward? Is that CUTE?!

I mean, this could be my golden opportunity.

This is it! Win all, lose all....

So, I hide my face, wait until she leaves, buy Goth Asian Teen Party # 5 and slink back to my apartment.

Oh yeah.

I'm suave.


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