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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 004

Cogs spinning along in an endless machine, got to keep things running perfect and clean.

Components dancing in an engineer's dream. Form follows function, at a discount price built by the lowest bidder out of plastic and spit.

Ceramic tile and engine grease, working together to turn the wheels of the fabulous contraption

We are all worker ants in the larger cosmos of commerce.

The price tags have all been pre-stamped and placed on our souls.

There is no need to haggle, no need to bargain, everything is set and perfectly controlled.

Chaos is stamped out and catalogued, and order begins to flow like a liquid musical stream

The building blocks are added by a carefully practiced hand, nothing should ever topple, no one should fall and get lost in the cracks

Itís all been thought of before and solved by incredibly clever people with PhDs.

And so the gears keep grinding, the screws keep winding, the clocks keep ticking, and we are guided by the vibration of atoms.

Masters of the universe.

Masters of time.

We control the path of nature.

Destiny is our toy.

We are now gods. And heaven is due out next summer, with over 15 exciting new settings and options!


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