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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 003

There's this beautiful girl you know, and I see her where ever I go.

She's got this brown, mousy hair, and a look like she forgot something vaguely important back at her apartment.

But she keeps carrying on, running twenty minutes late to work, as usual, as always. She's going to have to get off a little bit early as well, if she's going to make it to the movies in time.

She's eating a large buttery pop corn and some liquorice. She's there with her very best friends, a small Indian girl and a blonde in a kaftan who cries throughout the last half of the film.

And then they're off to a curry house, everyone seems to be eating korma but she gets madras instead.

It's the sort of thing you really like in a person, when they've got a piece of garlic naan stuck in their teeth, but somehow it just makes them that much more cute and adorable.

The tinny music fills the room, and the bill is higher than they expected.

After some aniseed mints they are off to the local pub, and they're drinking far too much at The Duke again.

4 pints of cider, two shots of Sambuca, and a pitcher of Long Island Ice Tea.

Then she wobbles back home, her heels have broken again, and she disappears down to her tiny bed-sit in a long dark alleyway where the lights have gone.

How can she be so perfect and wonderful?

How can life be this good?

I dunno.

Maybe I should just stop stalking her.


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