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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 026

Once upon a time, in the Land of Froopaloopas, there was a mighty wizard - Greokk, Lord of the Pies.

Greokk controlled a massive Pie factory of unbelievable power. Unfortunately he developed elbow cancer and died a horrible death; his corpse crashed in to a giant cherry pie and splattered everyone.

It was gross.

So, you see, being GOOD at something isn't all that much of an achievement.

You are good at something, and then you still get elbow cancer and accused of things that are blatantly untrue, and then (because you're dead before you hit the ground) you don't even get to taste the cherry pie on the way out.

So, to end my story, after Greokk died, the whole business was taken over by a Mister Hikasi, who sold the business to Sony, who fired everyone and then converted the pie factory to manufacture stereo equipment and video game consoles.

It's very profitable.

But Mister Hikasi hates himself - he contracted syphilis off a prostitute in Nevada and secretly questions his own sexuality.


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