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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 019

So, Doctor Wimbly, out here to whore me out to your drug-crazed, burger-eating, Happy-Clown friends again?

Think those shrinks can make me tiny. Think you can make my mind a shriveled up walnut?

I doubt you have the balls to tame me, bitch.

Admit it. You secretly fear my ninja-fu.

I know you are shivering behind that clipboard.

You think you can predict my motions and emotions, my actions and reactions.

But there's no box for "Extremely bad-ass and awesomely cool" for you to check in your long list of prepared notes.

So I will just sit here and baffle you for a little bit longer.

Once, I lived on a park bench in New York and described myself as a hungry little squirrel, looking for love and tasty treats

But now, I live alone in my private nut hutch



Doctor Wimbly, put that pencil down.

There aren't words.

There aren't numbers.


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