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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 016

The robots know you are looking at them. They got super sensitive light registering diodes and can predict your exact movements in all nanoseconds of time.

You are a fucking nobody compared to those robots.

Their dark, calculating, unfeeling, super-mental processes mock your simple wetware brain-having lifestyle.

I've just upgraded the latest CCTV robot, and I have chosen to call him Eli, the Destroyer.

I don't think you appreciate the raw computational power.

I think deep down you question the true and rightful dominance of our silicon overlords.

Sure, I have no proof of this.

But the gods are paranoid, and their operating systems are prone to crashing and error.

God is in the machine, and the machine is insane.

I need my Fruit Loops back bitch.

Don't touch that milk. I've put my name on it.
It's in a sans-serif font that I draw by hand in purple crayon.

Love me robot.

Love me with your electric prongs.


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