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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 011

So you think "hey, I know the score. I am on top of things." But deep down you know that's a lie. You know that you wanted that extra lump of sugar, and when that son of a bitch made your coffee with two lumps instead of three, you were ready to slit his throat with a penknife but instead you just smiled and said "Thank you Gerald."

You can't lie to me.

I saw that shit go down.

I won't ever end up like that. I can't lie to other people. I can lie to myself, for a little while. But eventually I'll look myself in the mirror and say "What the fuck are you doing??? We can't carry on like this. It's time to get real."

So carry on trying to spin delusions and swirl other people into your magical woo-woo land where you aren't some psychotic maniac.

I'll be sitting right here, keeping the branding irons hot for you.

I'm a really good friend.
You'll see.


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