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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 004

standing alone in electric dreams
my skin is flaking, I need an eclectic mix of creams

there's no sympathy for god,
he's an all powerful bastard, but who gives a sod?

cover my body in pudding and rice,
it's sticky as hell, but it makes me smell nice

you think skin could take care of itself,
be natural renewing, not need anything off the shelf,

instead i am cursed with this evil dry,
have to use these chemicals, just to get by

i once ate my own weight in flour,
the bread was delicious, but the result was sour,

i was crazy, mad, insane on yeast,
they were expecting a penguin, but they got a beast

and now all the judgment weighs down my soul,
a box within my mind, escape should be my only goal,

instead i sit down and watch cartoons on tv,
their mindless, fun, violence, never fails on me,

and so our time today is done,
it's been lame, it's been shit, it's been fun.


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