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Series 4: Scrawl on the Wall

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Scrawl on the Wall 002

I'd kinda' like to have sex with everyone on the planet, but you know, that's a little difficult when your main residence is a cell with incredibly tiny dimensions.

Not that I mind

I can play all my favorite games here like:
How long do you have to stand still before you can fall asleep standing up?
How small of a ball can you roll up into whilst crying violently?
How small a scratch can you make on your arm that will actually break the skin?

It's a good, fun way to make the hours and the days bleed away into nothing.

It's not that I'm depressed or sad about all this you know.
NO. That would be something.

Like passion, or hatred, or disappointment.

I'm just plain resigned now.

This is the way it is.

I just wish I could have a poster in here or something.

Maybe I will just stand here a little longer.

6 hours, 48 minutes, and 37 seconds and I'm still awake.

Just need to calm my mind.

Then I can fall asleep standing up. Like Mister Ed.


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