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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 029

Think you can just neglect life and smile and sing and not think about the consequences?

Yeah, those could make for some damn happy times.

You betcha

Just gotta spend every moment zoned out and happy and then one day the magical monkey people will come from monkey Ha-Ha land.

But the monkeys secretly hate you.

I've talked to the monkeys.

They told me that they smile at you.

They told me that they laugh at your jokes.

But secretly, they think you are lame.

I should have told the monkeys off. I should have reminded the monkeys how cool you are - like that time you totally fixed their computer.

But instead, I just let the monkeys ride.

The monkeys know me

The monkeys give me things

We are all doomed to adore the monkeys

They are so damned cute

Nothing can stop them


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