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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 021

Bastardtron can smell her essence in my clothes.
I know that Bastardtron is jealous.
He's sitting there, waiting, plotting.
One day he'll steal my girlfriend from me.
He knows when to buy flowers.
When to whisper sweet nothings.
He knows when to cuddle and when to keep his distance.
He's a fucking cat.
No man can compete with that.

Mousy hair girl loves to stroke him and feed him tuna straight from the can.

Soon, Bastardtron will just leave me and follow her home.

I'll go to her tiny little bed-sit in the darkened alley with the broken lights and see him laying their like a king in a cat bed.

I can't stand the constant rejection.

This is how it always ends. Not with a bang but with a whimper.

I am a slightly deranged individual who is deeply jealous of my cat.

But that's okay.

The little pills will calm me down and make me see the shining loveliness of it all.

Thank you modern medicine.

You are the opiate that keeps me stupid.

My magical life is made possible by strange men in designer suits with degrees in chemistry.

Did I mention that mousy haired girl says she loves me?

Don't think I was hallucinating that one either.

Wonder if I'll have to buy her chocolate now.

Wonder if I should ask her to have some cool suicide pact with me.

Chicks love romantic suicide pacts.


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