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Series 06: Lies

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Lies 019

So you think it's likely that somehow things are going to shape up and be okay?

Well buddy, I have this friend who's a walrus.

And one day, this walrus son of a bitch, Arthur, went off to a land of penguins. And he lived with the penguins and learned their language and bought a small house with a few and lived in this bitchin' commune with them and ate krill all day. It was a pretty awesome set up really.

But then Arthur remembered that he left some jam back home. So he went back and instead giving him a warm welcome, his old walrus pals totally rejected him. He had the taint of the penguin. And so the walruses mocked him, and to make it worse, they had eaten his jam like 3 weeks ago.

Anyway, Arthur comes back to the penguin commune, but they think he's gone all walrusy in his absence.

They just can't handle the heavy and violent vibes of walrus culture.

And so Arthur went into the bleak endless fucking wasteland of the arctic and blew out his brains with a full loaded .45

That's why I hate fictional animal characters.


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